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Jakub Adámek: We can help anyone with the right mindset achieve 6-figure income

20th August 2019 | Blog, NonStop in the Press

The following is an English translation of an article published in Czech media outlet Business Animals.


About two years ago we caught up with leaders of NonStop Recruitment, a City of London-founded consultancy with a strong focus on training and development of its employees. It was about that time Jakub Adamek joined the NonStop team and he’s risen through the ranks so quick – from trainee to sales manager in under two years – that we’re back to talk to this disruptive company and their Czech success story.

The fast-growth company has been expanding its presence across Europe and now the US since 2000, focusing on supporting the life sciences, chemical, technical, digital, finance education and social care industries and has had a presence in Czech since about 2006, largely supporting international clients. However, it wasn’t until Jakub joined that they’ve really been able to push forwards with expansion in Czech automotive market and grow a team that now has its sights firmly set on conquering Central and Eastern Europe

In an interview, we asked Jakub Adámek, sales manager for CZ&SK, what brought him to NonStop Recruitment, what vision the company has, how it differs from competitors and other questions.


One of the fastest growing recruitment companies

Fostering and promoting talent is at the core of everything NonStop does – from finding new talent for clients to fill their vacancies and helping people promote their talent to prospective employers through to hiring and training raw talent for its own team and developing that talent into high-performing recruiters and eventually, managers and directors. It’s a highly successful business model that has seen the company achieve an average annual net fee income growth rate of 40% while seeing its people earn truly staggering amounts of money.

According to Jakub, the key to success is not to try and do everything, but to focus on a limited range of professions in selected markets, thereby becoming experts and the ‘go-to’ people. He adds that the strategy within the Czech automotive market is to support the entire production plant in the recruitment process: “We focus on top managers from the production, quality, technology, purchasing, logistics and finance departments. We simply have a consultant for each segment who can cover the entire plant in their field, ”says Jakub.

“Why do we do this? Well, it’s pretty simple really – if you were a xxx looking for your next career move, would you go to the recruiter that has one IT role, one HR role, one finance role and one xxx role? Or would you go to the recruiter who had 10+ xxx roles? Likewise if you are the automotive company, would you go to the recruiter that needs to start a new search each time you want a new employee, or would you go to the recruiter who already knows all the people relevant for your position, their wants, needs and availablity?

As an example, he cited a specific situation where they were looking for a quality manager for a client and were able to deliver suitable candidates within approximately two hours, because they have an overview of the situation in the field across the Czech Republic.

It’s this model that provides a robust platform for growth and, as we mentioned earlier, provides incredible earning potential for employees, who are paid a share (up to 40%) of the revenue they bring into the business!


Recruitment is a business

When asked if Jakub is doing business and recruiting, his answer is that recruitment is also business. You have to go out there and win clients, gain their trust and take their employment offering to market. You need to sell their opportunity to potential employees and convince those people them why your client’s role might be the right opportunity for them.

And reciprocally, you have to be able to sell the applicant’s profile to the client and show them why this person is the best for their role. You have to be able to understand the wants and needs of each side – not just in terms of skills and opportunity but also to ensure cultural alignment. There is often a bit of negotiating going on with both sides too.


Why find a job in NonStop Recruitment?

NonStop leaders put a lot of time and energy into training and coaching employees and pushing them to achieve the next target and the next – a promotion or a salary increase, for example – but fully supporting them to do that.

“And for me, that’s pretty motivating,” Jakub says, “to have that level of help and support and then earn the financial rewards on top of it. Most of my peer group outside of work are still studying at university yet I’m earning easily ten times what they will when they graduate.”

And that’s available to anyone, he explains, because of the company’s focus on hiring entry-level talent and training and developing them regardless of their background. The only essential things are mindset – because people need to be willing to learn and also need to be resilient and ambitious so that they keep working hard, because it’s not always easy – good communication skills, and the ability to speak English, because even through we have colleagues from 27 different nationalities speaking 20+ different languages, we all need to communicate with each other to ensure we are all working together as one greater team.

Other things don’t matter. “We have applicants who have studied pharmacy, journalism, philosophy and also people without university and even secondary education, and yet they are successful,” he says and adds: “those who are now our senior sales directors all joined in entry level positions with a variety of backgrounds and now you may see some of them driving their Ferraris around Prague!… Ferraris they earned for achieving certain targets – something that’s open to all of us and isn’t even the best bonus we have!

“Recruitment isn’t really rocket science, it’s actually pretty simple so these kinds of rewards really are achievable for everyone but the key to this success is to take on board the training and feedback and apply it all”, Jakub says, adding: “most importantly, the training never stops. It’s literally NonStop! – from entry level to director level”.

Asking who the ideal candidate is, Jakub replies that virtually anyone can be. “Just a few months ago, a 21-year-old colleague joined us, who hadn’t graduated college, loves sales, is communicative, can interact with people and, above all, wants to do much more than the standard.”


Equal opportunity for all

Jakub praises that NonStop doesn’t work like a classic company where you basically have to “earn your career” through longevity. Anyone who has proven results has opportunity to progress in the company – there is no set number of management positions available and therefore no waiting for your manager to leave their position before you can step up.
So regardless of who you are and what your background is, if you can practice the skills taught and hit your targets, you can progress your career really as quick as you want. Like Jakub, who was one of the company’s fastest ever to make team leader (in about a year) and then sales manager soon after. The average time to reach team leader promotion, from entry level is only two years. Then you start building your own team, again, still with training.

Compared to his previous work experience, where he received a week’s training at the start, this is a unique experience, he says.

And should you be performing well, if you spot an opportunity in another market, the business will support you to chase that, Jakub says. “Like for example, we’ve been working the Czech automotive market for awhile and realised there was a demand for our services in the Slovakian market too, we talked to the directors about it and now we’re starting to support clients there too.


Personal and corporate vision

“I liked sales from a young age and I got into real estate at the age of seventeen,” he opens his career path. Around that time, he realized that he loved the feeling of closing a deal, knowing he had managed to connect two entities. Then it was just a step to choose a company where he could move in career and personality, which is how he came to NonStop.

Having already hired a team of like-minded people who are comprehensively covering recruitment in the entire automotive-oriented manufacturing plant, Jakub is looking to build on this success. The team, with newly promoted team leaders amongst them, is looking at further expansion to, as mentioned earlier, cover the Slovakian market with the automotive industry in Hungary and Poland also in play. Thus, it fulfills the corporate vision, like its motto: develop, grow, succeed. It’s all about developing people, as well as markets, to grow personally, professionally and financially, which leads to the success of the business, the individuals and the clients.

Interested in non-stop training, career development, and rewards? Maybe a career at NonStop is for you! Let us know!


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