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Resilience is crucial to success, but so is goal setting

6th mars 2017 | Blog

By David Lord, NonStop Care Team Leader

In 2014 I crossed the line to complete the Edinburgh Marathon and promptly burst into tears. Yes, all that running didn’t help, but this felt like the culmination of a journey rather longer than 26.2 miles. It was late summer of 2012. I had just completed University and had received a 2:1. To all intents and purposes life should have been pretty good. But here I was, sat in a Doctors room, being told that I had depression.

Depression is shit. I felt like my whole life was being lived in some sort of fog, my mind was no longer an ally but an arch enemy leaving me feeling withdrawn, anxious, fatigued and worthless.

My doctor had advised that me that I needed to start putting my mind to doing things again. So I started to get active, playing football, going to the gym and then even started to volunteer at Childline (this is a UK Charity where young people can phone in about their problems and be listened to by a trained counsellor, skills which I found to be incredibly pertinent to recruitment).

It was now January 2014 and I was starting to feel like myself again. As bad as depression was it had given me a renewed sense of purpose and a desire not to allow life to pass me by. For years I had flippantly said that I would complete a marathon now I would finally make sure this happened. I wanted to give something back to Childline so I decided to complete my run for them.

Ok, so this piece isn’t specifically about recruitment, however, the things I learned during my preparation I feel certainly apply to it. For instance during the latter stages of my training I managed to pick up an injury which meant I wasn’t able to do any running, so instead I focused on what I could do, I made sure that I started to cycle and the food I ate assisted my preparation. It’s the same in recruitment, if one thing isn’t working, I’ll work out what I can do instead.

Resilience is so crucial but you do need to have a goal before undertaking any piece of work. It’s only when you know what you want to achieve you’re able to plot how you can get there. Finally, and maybe most importantly never be afraid to ask for help. I strongly believe this advice can be used in so many situations in both work and life which will lead you to get what you want, personally and professionally.

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