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FOUNDER’S STATEMENT: Appointment of new CEO

4th September 2020 | Company Statements

By Kevin Smith, Founder

Develop, Grow, Succeed is a concept integral to NonStop, It’s our culture, our ethos. It is literally written on the walls.

We like to see the potential in people, not just look at their experience or what’s on their CV. We train and develop all our recruiters from scratch and for all the operational, managerial and non recruitment roles, we always look internally to see who can grow into the role before we look externally.

As the founder and CEO of the business I’ve stepped aside before to allow people to step up and progress their career, and I believe now is the time to do so again.  When the CEO moves aside, the new CEO and the supporting managers and directors have to step up to fill the gap. In so doing they also require the managers underneath them to take on more responsibilities and this effect ripples down through the business.

Ben Jones, who started with NonStop as a trainee recruiter seven years ago, is now stepping up into the CEO role. Ben and I have worked well together over the last few years, and I have been impressed with his love for the business, his energy, and his ability to understand the more advanced management concepts and apply them consistently and successfully.  Furthermore, Ben really does care for the business and more importantly the individuals within it. As such, he is well liked and is a natural choice to drive the business to the next level.

He will be supported by some other great people who are also stepping up into more strategic roles including Leigh Tozer (finance), Michal Konopa (IT), Michal Jirkovec (corporate governance), Jack Stevens (training and development), Josh Reavenall (talent acquisition), and Jiri Spas (business support, and quality and process assurance), as well as of course the senior sales directors and managers.

Of course, I will still be around to help guide Ben and his team.

I had to learn the hard way, making mistakes and learning from them, and the experience I gained can be a valuable resource for Ben as he takes the business to the next level.

I founded the business to provide myself with financial security, something that was important to me considering my background. I always wanted the business to be one that exceptionally rewarded people who work hard and had a great attitude, regardless of any prejudices that those people may elsewhere be subjected to. I guess it’s about giving the underdog a fair chance. I also felt the business should treat people fairly yet also push them to achieve the best results they can, effectively be strong and courageous sales people but maintain a human touch.

As the business has evolved I know that it has changed some people’s lives dramatically, be it on a personal level through strong life-long relationships they have forged, to helping family members or themselves become financially stable and secure.

I genuinely believe that Ben Jones and his team embrace this culture and will help the business transform many more lives over the next 10 years or so until it is Ben’s turn to appoint the next leadership team in the future.

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