First Year on Target Earnings

performance dependent


Annual pay checks of

top performers


supercars earned by nonstoppers

before they turned 30


Years average time

Into management position


nationalities at nonstop;

20+ languages spoken

Welcome, Bienvenue, benvenuto, Velkommen, Welkom, Herzlich willkommen, and Bienvenido to your most exciting career prospect.

Are you looking for an international career where your success and rewards are purely dependent on your personal effort?

Are you looking to work with a genuinely multicultural team of like-minded, highly motivated people?

Want to step into a management role within two years?

You’re in the right place! It’s all possible at NonStop – Europe’s fastest growing, most exciting recruitment company.


We’re in the initial stages of building our presence in Romania with ambitions to hire, train and develop 150 people over the next two years.

We’re currently looking for people interested in starting their journey as a NonStop recruiter.

Leveraging our incredible success in Prague, where we’ve trained and developed hundreds of successful recruiters over the last few years, this next phase of our growth will be led by Anca Busoi, one of our most successful recruiters who is now returning to her Romanian roots.



First Year on Target Earnings, Performance Dependent


Annual pay checks of our top performers


supercars earned by Nonstoppers before they turned 30


Years Average time into Management Position


Nationalities at NonStop; 20+ languages spoken


Why I Joined NonStop

When I graduated university with a Masters in Marketing one thing was certain: I did not want to sit in front of a computer and create ads.

When I heard about the NonStop opportunity the aspect that struck me was meritocracy, something that is not common in Romania.

I was invited to an Experience Day, led by company founder Kevin Smith and learned that it didn’t matter what my background was, NonStop was looking for highly motivated, ambitious people and I was amazed they were willing to invest in inexperienced people and give them the potential to earn huge amounts of money and even progress to management level within a couple of years.

I have to admit, it did sound too good to be true but accepted the offer for several reasons: continuous training; being in control of the entire recruitment process; building my own business unit; being able to visit and work from the international offices.

My NonStop Journey

It’s now been five years since I made that leap. I started as a Researcher, worked my way up to Team Leader and am now the manager of our Italian Medical Devices division, a division we developed from scratch and comprising 10 people I have had the opportunity to help train and develop.

Helping those people progress their own careers has been hugely rewarding for me, as has the salary I’ve earned: In the last three years my average annual salary was €70,000.

My Role Now

I still actively recruit – match candidates with my clients – but a large part of my role now is coaching and mentoring newer NonStoppers to further expand the division and overall NonStop team, as is the role of every manager here at NonStop.

And I’m very excited to have opened an office in Bucharest, giving me even greater responsibility, more challenges and further progressing my NonStop career.

My Vision for Bucharest

Leveraging the huge success NonStop has had in other areas of Europe, the business model and the training programme, I plan to grow the Bucharest office to about 150 people over the next few years.

As mentioned above, meritocracy isn’t something all that common in Romania but it is a key aspect of NonStop philosophy. Here at NonStop, there is no waiting for your manager to be promoted or leave before you can advance your career. Instead, promotions are based entirely on merit, on your personal performance. Add the enormous earning potential and I know we will have an incredibly exciting office!

The Role

As a recruitment consultant, building and maintaining relationships with your clients, as well as your candidates, will decide how successful you are. Your objective is to become the go-to person in your market, in terms of recruitment needs, and that can only be done by ensuring that you have your clients and candidates’ best interests at heart. Not only will you be developing lifelong skills such as sales, negotiation, marketing, and many others, you will be dealing everyday with the most important resource of all: people.

On top of a competitive basic salary, we offer you a great uncapped commission structure that means your on target earnings (OTE) could be €30,000+ in your first year. 

It’s important to note this is a commission-based role. Your real earnings come from your share of the money you bring into the business – your clients paying for the work you do for them. This means your earnings will fluctuate from month to month and, depending on performance, you could face some months without commission payments, leaving your to rely on your basic salary.

Why NonStop?

NonStop Opportunity

There are many reasons to start a career in commercial recruitment with NonStop: developing lifelong invaluable skills (such as sales, marketing, negotiation and communication), working in a friendly international environment, having the opportunity to relocate to other offices/countries. Although what really sets us apart is how we’ve managed to create an extremely meritocratic and rewarding working environment for all our employees, where their hard work and commitment are justly rewarded, in the way of financial rewards, as well as career progression: your earning potential and professional success are well and truly in your own hands. If you are not looking to become a recruiter, but still want to become a NonStopper, you can see other open positions here.

NonStop is built on a philosophy of challenging ourselves and a desire to help our people achieve their potential all the while providing the very best service for our clients. We are more than a recruitment consultancy; we are a training and development company – 99% of our consultants joined us with no prior recruitment experience and we want that legacy to continue meaning there are many opportunities for you!.


The NonStop Community

We realise that your career and rewards are important, however being a NonStopper means far more than that. You will be joining an environment that is as diverse and multicultural as they come – the NonStop Community is made up of 27 nationalities and speaks 20+ languages!

And while we are a diverse group, you will never be short of people to help you integrate, have fun and socialise, with every NonStopper playing their part in creating a combined culture that has phenomenal energy, passion and enthusiasm.

NonStop Training and Development

Exceptional personal and career development is underpinned by our award-winning training programme that is proven to develop elite recruiters – people who joined with no prior recruitment experience but who are now among the best in Europe. Training and development is at the core of our DNA and it the reason our business has the growth record it does. A full-time training team is complimented by the industry’s leading professional trainer and business leaders.

In order to unlock NonStopper potential, our training programme is backed up by a mentoring and coaching culture that means it far exceeds other industry programmes. Coaching and mentoring starts on day one and continues through every stage of your career.

NonStop Career Development

As a NonStopper, career growth comes from personal development but also the business growing rapidly, meaning more entry-level people joining and more chance for people to step up into leadership roles and help those new people develop. This is the organic growth we are proud of and means NonStoppers are likely to be promoted into management roles far quicker than at any other recruitment organisation. A key factor in why we are able to support people to do that is due to the training, coaching and mentoring that continues throughout the NonStop career.

But the career path doesn’t have to lead into management – we have some people who chose to become career consultants, or to move into other departments. Our Training & Development and Talent Acquistion teams, for example, have been built from NonStoppers moving from other roles. Various roles within our operations team are also an option.

As a NonStopper you can move into more senior roles as fast as your ability, motivation and ambition will allow you. Yes, there is promotion criteria but it is clear, transparent and most importantly, consistent throughout the company.

NonStop Rewards

Motivated minds earn motivating rewards and nowhere is that more true than here at NonStop. To give you a brief idea our top-level performers at consultant stage will earn upwards of €8,000 of monthly commission. Prove yourself, join our NonStop Accelerate programme and the rewards are truly life-changing – imagine early retirement and never having to worry about money again.

NonStop’s rewards structure is not just financial though.Our strong performers are rewarded with annual trips abroad and other unique rewards.

It’s not just tangible rewards either. NonStoppers genuinely enjoy the life changing moments that come with connecting our clients and candidates – help them both to also Develop, Grow and Succeed.





What does it mean to be a NonStopper? Watch the video


What does it take to be a NonStopper?

It’s simple really – mindset. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done previously, as long as you have the right mindset. This includes:




The ability to take feedback
The ability to take feedback

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit


Great communication
Great communication






I’m interested! How can I apply?

You can send your CV to us directly via [email protected] or send us a message below. Whichever option you choose, be sure to tell us why you want to become a NonStopper – we do get a lot of applications so make sure your application stands out from the rest!

Please note we can currently only accept applications from candidates who hold valid European Union passport and are able to work in Europe without visa sponsorship.

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